July 12th, 2009

Everybody Laughs At The Crocodile Man (Book 1)

[28pages, full colour, digest size, Steve Steiner www.probeersel.com/steves ]
Okay this was the comic inside the envelope (below) that had the 'Missent to Barbados' rubber stamps on it. I had sent a Blackguard #1 to Steve to trade for one of his comics that I read about in Xerography Debt, but that comic was called Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs. Steve wrote that he stopped doing that one about two years ago (it was an old XD though), and doesn't have any copies left, but this Crocodile Man comic is his new one. What we got here is basically different gags along the lines of, 'Ohmygawd! It's a crocodile, man!' Crocodile man gets a job in an office so we get gags about him in relation to his co-workers. He also has a flatmate, and the funniest gag with that was when the flatmate has a friend over and offers him some pills he scored from hanging out near an elderly person's garbage can for hours, so of course soon enough Crocodile Man walks in, at which point the friend says to the flatmate, 'These pills are awesome!' The only other strips are at a bar where Crocodile Man has a drink after work, and that location provided the funniest strip for me (see above). The drawing is okay but the main problem was most of the strips just weren't funny. Well, different things are funny to different people, so I'm sure Steve has got an audience out there, and best of luck to him I say! Plus I still got those 'Missent to Barbados' stamps!