September 3rd, 2009

Blackguard #2 Ready For Printing! At Last!

At long last Blackguard #2 : Father is finished, all I gotta do now is go to Brother Mikel's house on Saturday and he will make sure all the pages are the correct size, add page numbers, adjust the contributor names on the cover then send it off to my printer (who I called the other day and he told me he can have it printed up in less than a week!) So, fingers crossed that part will go smoothly. It's hard to believe that I could be sending out contributor copies by the end of next week. I'm so thrilled I'm about to explode in a big gory mess all over the walls of my tiny apartment! Here's the final contributor line-up: Josh Simmons, Neale Blanden, Dexter Cockburn, Julie Doye, D. Rat, Glenn Smith, Doug Iannucci, Anton Emdin, Mike Diana, Ben Hutchings, Stratu , David Puckeridge, SCAR, Ryan Vella, Henry L. Racicot, Chris Mikul, Michael Aushenker, Gerard Ashworth and Lark. There's also seven pages of comix and zine reviews. 52 pages this time! ... Anyway, with any luck I'll post real soon that it's finished and printed and you my dear contributors will be advised to hover over your mailbox for imminent copies, while other friends of Blackguard will be advised to send five clams (or thereabouts, depending upon how much it's gonna cost to print..) for a copy. It's so awesome, did I tell you, this issue will totally take the top of your head off along with your eyeballs, and major sections of your brain matter, in the best way. Promise.