March 23rd, 2010

A Day in Rennes-le-Chateau by Chris Mikul

Chris Mikul (BIZARRISM) recounts his visit to the site of a mysterious church in a mountainous area of southern France. In 1891 the priest, Sauniere, while restoring the church, discovers some ancient and cryptic parchments concealed in a hollow pillar. This discovery and subsequent fantastic events inspired the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which was in more recent times "pillaged" by Dan Brown for The Da Vinci Code.
The cover of this booklet depicts the devil found just inside the front door of the Rennes-le-Chateau church, installed by priest Sauniere. A devil in a church? It's the only one in France! This one originally held a pitchfork, which was later removed because of the likelihood of it poking some kid's eye out. There are also some very nice illustrations throughout, including one of the devil statue minus his pitchfork (he doesn't look happy about it, in fact he looks like he wants it back!)
This is a limited print run of one hundred, so email Chris for availability and ordering info.
[24pages, digest size, edition of 100, Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA +++ cathob at zip dot com dot au ]

Sprak! Vol 2 # 5

Reading Kami's no-budget-movie zine you can imagine him in a dimly lit lounge room, beer (or bourbon, or both) in hand, stuffing sticking out of his favourite chair, he shouting and laughing and swearing along with the deranged action blazing outta the glowing screen. You wish you were there too!
This is the rock and roll issue and Kami's found some real gems. A double feature, PUNK ROCK / PLEASURE PALACE [1977], the former being about a hardnosed private eye searching for a runaway teen who got caught up in the 'sleazy' punk rock scene. Ha! Ha! Was the punk rock scene ever sleazy? The glam scene sure, I imagine, but the punk scene? Another movie he watches is called POPULATION:1 [1985] about the last man on Earth in his bunker. It sounds awesome, the cast includes a preteen Beck, Vampira, El Duce, Penelope Houston (Avengers) and Beck's grampaw, Al Hansen (Fluxus artist). (Man, I gotta track this one down!) Also reviewed:  METALHEADS : THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE EVIL [2008]; TOO TOUGH TO DIE : A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY RAMONE [2006]; REPO MAN [1984] (excellent movie and best soundtrack album I ever bought), HOWLING III - THE MARSUPIALS [1987]; FAIR GAME [1985] (an Aussie flick about a nasty gang of roo shooters who terrorise a woman until she turns the tables, the review including a great aside from Kami: "Now I should pause to mention a little pet hate of mine... I hate the way country folk are always made out to be inbred, vicious, bloodthirsty, women-hating feral scum in these flicks... I know there are some arseholes out there, hell I'm related to one or two of them but jeez mate we're not all rabid, gun totin', animal killin', women rapin' hicks you know. Hell, some of us can even spell our own names!". NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD [2008] (excellent 'Ozploitation' doco); DEMONS AMONG US [2006] (blood, guts, gore, cannibalism and more in the Aussie countryside - "Where the bloody hell are ya?!"); ISLE OF THE DAMNED [2008] (tagline: 'Savage cruelty was their culture... Human flesh was their food!'; RETARDEAD [2008] (Kami says, "I haven't seen something this bloody, this funny and this dumb since Peter Jackson's BrainDead"); BLOOD SCARAB [2008] ('Elizabeth Bathory vs. a shambling mummy') and GONE THE WAY OF FLESH [2006] ($700-budget camcorder movie about serial killer stalking underage fans of rockabilly band). ... Holy shit and there's still more! But what the hell if you're still reading this you're gonna contact Mr Sprak! and get it, so get to it! (No price listed - email for ordering info.)
[32 pages, digest size, Kami, PO Box 278, Edwardstown SA 5039, AUSTRALIA  cammy at arcom dot com dot au ]