March 30th, 2010

The Inner Swine Volume 15, Issues 3-4, Winter 2009

Here's the first biannual issue of The Inner Swine.  It's pretty amazing that Jeff has consistently managed to crank out four issues of his zine per year, for the last fifteen years (except for the first 3 years when he *only* produced 3 per year), so I don't think anybody's gonna give him shit for cutting back a tad on the frequency. Besides, he says that each issue will now be 100 pages - almost twice as big as past quarterly issues.
Inside, Jeff tackles the finer, and blunter, points of weddings and marriage. Like many a young man, he once ridiculed the institution, saying it was for the birds, more or less. But now he's married, and he has been to many weddings as a guest, so he offers some sage advice and tips. As for marriage, I ain't married yet, but sure could relate to his confession that according to his wife (the Duchess), he doesn't know how to dress himself, even though he is technically an adult. Jeff, apparently I don't know shit about it either! Oh well, I guess it's one less thing we have to think about, to put a positive spin on it. My fashion coach, I mean girlfriend, has pointed out that since I only own olive pants and black t-shirts, it's like a uniform, so I don't have to think about what to wear. What's wrong with that anyway? ...
There's also some great writing about Jeff's cats, and cats in general, for example the fact that owning at least one cat will make you a better writer: 'Cats are the secret sauce in a writing life. If you've been trying to sell a novel without success, look around: See any cats? If the answer is no, that may be your problem. If the answer is yes, try drinking more.''
Then Jeff writes about haircuts - his aversion to strangers touching his head, his desire to get haircuts over and done with as quickly has possible, and his position on hair product (he's not for it).
The Inner Swine is a terrific zine, one that I am proud to read on the bus, attracting curious and envious looks from other busriders because they wanna know what it is I got when they only got stupid iPods.

[104pages, digest size, $2.00, Jeff Somers, PO Box 3024, Hoboken NJ 07030, USA ]

Blackguard #3 : Crime Issue - Update

Some readers may be wondering about the sudden burst of activity around here. Well, the weekend before last, Jack Cheiky from Syndicated Zine Reviews invited me to be one of their zine reviewers. That was great news for me, and a real honour, since SZR was one of my three favourite zine review sources (along with Zine World and Xerography Debt). So ever since then I been tackling the pile of comix and zines I got since Blackguard #2 and churning out reviews. I don't know how I get so damn lazy, since writing comix and zine reviews is one of the few things I really love to do.

Blackguard #3, the Crime issue, is on course for a Winter 2010 release (or Summer for you Northerners). Contributions have been coming in faster now as the 30 April deadline approaches. So far I got stuff from Gerard Ashworth, Neale Blanden, Julie Doye, Kapreles, Damian McDonald, Henry L. Racicot,  SCAR, Glenn Smith and Ryan Vella. And that's not even a quarter of the folks I sent invitations out to. Some I know I'm gonna have to encourage via threats and car batteries, etc. because, it seems everybody is getting married now and having kids and got real jobs and not so much time anymore to do stuff they aren't gonna get paid for. If you were good at doodling or scribbling, you get paid for it nowadays. I ain't paying nobody! Not unless you count a copy or two of the comix they in. Shit, man, I don't even break even! But who cares anyway? I don't. I got a dumbass day job because I never did get me no edumacation, no sir. And I never was so great at scribblin' or doodlin' nohow. Just like to do it in my own primitive retard kinda way, that's enough for me. So, whaddya say? ... Uh... What am I saying? I don't know. ... Hello! Nice to meet ya! ...

Okay, here's a preview of the BG3 cover by Neale Blanden, it's just a B&W rough, the finished art is full glorious colour! ...