April 8th, 2010

Real Postage Stamps Please


See, this is what I like. Real postage stamps! The one on the left with the awesome Bill Mauldin stamps arrived today. It was a CD I ordered. I got a bigger buzz from receiving the envelope than receiving the CD! (Even though the CD was Squirrelbait's excellent 1986 'Skag Heaven' album, which I still got the vinyl of, but can't play because I gotta get a pre-amp now or something.)
The second one (from Singapore) contained a zine that Gianni Simone recommended in the last Xerography Debt. Janell, the zinester, gets top marks before I've even read her zine because she used real actual postage stamps.
It's a fact that I'm becoming more and more of a stamp nerd as the years pass. It's an added bonus of zine/comix trading and the papernet. But these days post offices have these boring printed-out postage stickers they use, so most of the time when I get something in the mail it's got one of those. Please fight the temptation to stay quiet, letting the post office employee use those, and instead ask for real postage stamps.
If you don't know what I'm talking about when I mention the boring printed-out stickers, here's one right here:

See! Isn't it plain and boring? There might be something cool in there, but it's not the same. Do you see what I mean?
Please tell me you see what I mean!