April 18th, 2010

Gag Hag

[40 pages, $4.00, 14cm x 14cm square, put together by Onsmith, 2004, available from www.opticalsloth.com  whitey at optical sloth.com ]
A terrific little gag comix anthology featuring great stuff by Ivan Brunetti, Chris Cilla, John Hankiewic, David King, Ted May, Onsmith, Johnny Ryan, Bryce Somerville and Dan Zettwoch.
Gag Hag was a real discovery for me since I'd never heard of most of the contributors, only Ivan Brunetti and Johnny Ryan.
Some of the gags are so obscure I can't figure them out, but that only makes me want to keep it handy so I can check them out again and take another crack at them.

Baka Geta

[28pages, 7.5cm x 14cm, $1.00, by Onsmith, available from www.opticalsloth.com ]
In 2004, Onsmith took a a trip to Japan (his first trip outside the US) with his girlfriend Ryoko Oguchi (who also drew some stuff in here). This little comic contains observations and highlights from that trip, including discovering comics as soon as he arrived at the airport, drawings of *kawaii* Japanese mascots (like beer-chan, taco-kun, and hoto-dogu). This is really cute, and for anybody who has been to Japan, or dreams of going, recommended.
Also, why not check out Onsmith's blog.