April 20th, 2010

Phatsville Comix #15

[100 pages, digest size, $?, email: phatsville at hotmail.com +++ they're also on facebook >>> Giles Kilham, 396 Ferguson Road, Norman Park QLD 4170, AUSTRALIA ]
Another great whopping chunk of 100% Aussie comix, even more whopping than the last issue. It was great to see a bunch of Shaun Craike's comix here (see above, Footy strip), including one he took from a local newspaper story in which some young folks went home after a night of clubbing or pubbing to engage in group sex, and ended with one of the potential *woodsmen* being thrown over the third floor balcony into the street (for being a jerk).
There are twenty contributors here but it's sometimes hard to figure out who did what. Who drew the twisted gun/handshake? I couldn't figure it out. There's a signature but I can't tell who it belongs to. An index sure would be appreciated.
A big standout for me in here: two hilarious, connected strips  - Giles and J-Stew were invited to have a Phatsville stall at radio station 4ZZZ's market day. They both drew strips about the day, and each of them had a different perspective on it. Depending upon who you believe, J-Stew took off for ages leaving Giles to man the stall alone, or J-Stew selflessly went off and bought Giles lunch. 4ZZZ wanted to interview the Phatsville chaps, but J-Stew refused because they were no sell-outs goddamnit, or Giles was the one who refused, declaring, "No Phatsville on the radio!" While J-Stew was AWOL, Giles scored a mega bargain from a dude at the next stall, namely, the entire Seinfeld DVD collection for a measly twenty bucks! Or, J-Stew was the one who found the Seinfeld bargain and told Giles about it because J-Stew already owned it.
Contributors this issue: Anton Emdin, Benjamin Sea, Brett Weekes, Cam-El, Corey Warren, Dan Gibbs, Giles, Glenno, Grant, Jase Harper, Jim Garmhausen, J-Stew, Leif Cawthorne, Mark Osberg, Mel Stringer, Mistress Dambinatrix, Ross Radiation, Shaun Craike and Will Kelly.
In short, Phatsville is required reading for your investigations into the Aussie comix scene.

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