June 7th, 2010

Bang Drop It! #1

[68 pages, digest, $Free, David Puckeridge, PO Box 491, Harbord NSW 2096, AUSTRALIA]
This zine should be subtitled 'Fun With Photocopiers', since it was made over two days and David obviously had a total (toner) blast making it.
The images here are clipped from magazines, newspapers, supermarket catalogues, god knows where else, even instant lottery tickets and fast food voucher stubs are used and abused, text cut and pasted over other images (my favourite is the 'Rodent Plague Fleeing Drought'), speech balloons added, also David's own drawings strategically placed throughout. The whole thing adds up to a hilarious and disturbing picture of the modern world. And perhaps, a disturbing peep into the mind of David Puckeridge.

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