June 10th, 2010

Envelope By Randy Robbins (Narcolepsy Press) II

After another long day at work I got the bus home and jumped off at the post office to check my p.o. box (hadn't checked it since last Friday - these days I try to only check it once a week so there will be a greater chance of more cool stuff in there). I wasn't disappointed! Here's the coolest thing I got, an envelope from Randy Narcolepsy. Check out the bitchin' stamps (I'm borrowing Randy's word there, it's perfect), especially the humongous Jackson Pollock stamp. Holy shit what an awesome, bitchin' envelope! Thanks Randy!
[Of course, Randy didn't just send me an envelope. There was cool stuff in the envelope too: Randy's heart transplant issue of Narcolepsy Press Review, plus two back issues of You're an Angel, You Li'l Devil. Awesome bitchin' squared!]

Second Hand Smoke #3

[24 pages, digest, $? >>> Christian Filardo, 320 E. 14th St., Tempe AZ 85281, USA +++ christianfilardo (at) gmail.com ]
The first three issues of Second Hand Smoke landed in my mailbox today. The comics in SHS#1 were drawn in March 2010 so if my maths are correct, Christian's making one of these every month. There's no denying the art is raw and primitive, but that's cool with me. I ain't a comix snob. The main thing is whether they're funny or not, and some of the stuff in these is funny as shit. (Shit can be VERY funny you know!)
Exhibit A:  The strip 'Toilet Paper Crisis' in which Christian (who lives in a college dorm with community bathrooms) has to use the crapper after drinking his morning coffee, but discovers too late there's no toilet paper so he has to slide under to the next stall in which, luckily, there is toilet paper. But Christian also throws some heavier elements into the mix, for example his story about finding the dead birds.
There's also some honest and awkward boy-wants-to-meet-girl stuff in here that was genuinely touching (and reminded me of Tung's Dex comics from the late '90s).
I'm totally jazzed to see where SHS goes from here..

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