August 20th, 2010

Psionic Plastic Joy 15 / Popular Reality Vol. 787 #2 split

[12 pages, tabloid size newsprint, $2.00 from Jason Rodgers, PO Box 8512, Albany NY 12208, USA ]
This is the first tabloid size newsprint zine I've ever seen (my scanner isn't big enough to get the whole PPJ cover, holy shit motherfucker that's never happened before with a zine, for real). I really got some curious and envious looks on the bus while reading this one.
First up, the PPJ side. Some great stuff here, like the anti-cellphone piece; 'Were Stan and Ollie Anarchists?'; and an interview with prankster/performance artist/activist Reverend Billy; plus some cool art (there's even a drawing by my old friend Marc Elburg from the Sick Puppy days! Great to see his stuff still out there.)
The Popular Reality side I didn't enjoy as much, although the Miracle Weight Reduction Secret ad was hilarious.
This is definitely worth checking out though. I'll be making sure to get future issues of this for sure.