October 6th, 2010

Sex Is Weird

[12 pages, digest size, $?, Philip Dearest, wowphilip (at) gmail.com +++ www.boobookittyfuck.deviantart.com ]
Filth! Disgusting! That's what somebody might shout if you showed 'em this crude little zine, but not me. I never get tired of looking at drawings of pee pees and wee wees, especially when they're connected to such bizarro drawings as these. Naked house-wearing people having sex; scared-looking penis and vagina people; a girl covered in breasts, penises and vaginas; a tree growing out of a woman's anus; and other drawings I won't even try to describe. What does it all mean? Who cares? It sure is some kind of perverse nirvana.

First World Youth Culture Problems To Be Addressed # 5

[28 pages, digest size, $2.00, Nick Burns, firstworldyouthproblems (at) gmail.com ]
During one of the few times at the zine fair last Sunday when I took a break from Blackguard *power selling* and walked around checking out other zines, I walked past this wild-looking guy's table, so I had to stop and say hello and find out what he was up to, zine-wise. His table was pretty wild too, totally covered with zines. That was one of the things I said to him, "Holy shit, it looks like you've got half a million zines here!" He said, "Nope! Just seven zines, but they're all folded out to different pages so people can check 'em out better!" Then he started telling me about his zine (since I asked about it) but it was hard to follow since he was talking so fast. He was manic. I liked him immediately. I told him I wrote zine reviews so he gave me a whole bunch, in fact the first five issues of his zine, First World Youth Culture Problems To Be Addressed.
I only had to read this zine for ten seconds before I knew what this zine was: 100% BITCHIN' AWESOME. Articles like 'How 2 Make A Zine' and 'Things You Can Do On The Internet' are funny and informative at the same time. 'How The World Works' offers a penetrating insight into not only our modern world, but the author's complex worldview.
There's no question that The Youth are more powerful and influential than at any time in history (except maybe for the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, who could rule the world as early as age 10), so this excellent zine is perfect for us consigned-to-the-archives, washed-up, burnt-out, over-the-hill has-beens (that is, anybody over 25).
[More reviews of FWYCPTBA soon.]