November 3rd, 2010

Bizarrism #11

40 pages, A4 size, $6.00 within AUS, $8.00 US cash WORLD - cathob(at) +++ +++ Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA
When you're a kid you get excited about things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. After that you get excited about things like a new issue of Bizarrism.
There's a whole bunch of great stuff in this one: Ernie Ridding: The Fridge Man of Glebe; superhero comics sadist Fletcher Hanks; The Case of the Garrotted Sherlockian; The Return of the Sky People: A Brief History of the Raelians; The Return of Joyce McKinney; The Senile Surgeon (Ferdinand Sauerbruch); The UFO Man of Sydney; the Chen Tao cult; My Favourite Dictators No. 5 : [paranoid Albanian lunatic] Enver Hoxha; book reviews and more.
Bizarrism rocks, it's as simple as that.

We Gotta Get Real Jobs #3

20 pages, half digest, $3.00, gormlesspillocks(at)
20 pages is misleading, since aside from the colour stuck-on bits on the powder blue cardboard cover, there are only eight pages of stuff in here. That "stuff" is drawings of loser-type men saying things like, "I don't really think of myself as 'alone' ... I mean, there's gotta be a word more distressingly hopeless than 'alone'." The drawings are pretty good, and I think I know what the creators were going for (the dark humour side of men who will never get a girlfriend) but it didn't work for me.

Mote #5

24 pages, half digest, $2.00, cameronbaker(at)
Oh man, here's one of those 'dance like nobody is watching' guys. Everything in this zine is 'nice', but nice in that cloying way that makes me wanna reach for a bucket. Here's an example if you think I'm just being a big meanie: on page 6 it is suggested that you "Choreograph a one minute dance and perform it first thing tomorrow morning." Elsewhere, Cameron interviews American graphic designer Geoff McFetridge, who worked on Spike Jonze movies. Cameron describes Geoff as "Possibly the coolest person in the world right now". I read the interview, and he's not.
The zine ends with the wish: "I hope today is the greatest day of your life!"
Mote is so cute it will make you puke.
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Suck My Scab #1

20 pages, digest size, $3.00, by Cougar Flashy, fultongirlsclub(at) + + 2/60 Shepparson Ave, Carnegie VIC 3163, AUSTRALIA
My biggest score from the Sticky table at last weekend's Canberra zine fair was this one.
The art is wild. Seemingly microscopic, like you've zoomed into some wonderful inky new world. So much going on your eyeballs start vibrating, unsure where to look, don't wanna miss anything. Every square millimetre of paper explodes with mesmerising detail. I was on the bus with this and heads all around were aimed in my direction, killing themselves wondering what kind of awesomeness I had in my possession, when they only had a stupid iPod or DingleBerry.
This shit is so good my eyeballs are melting.