November 15th, 2010

Blue Okoye #1

 24 pages, digest, $1.00 from Uzodinma Okehu, 3425 Fulton Street #1, Brooklyn NY 11208, USA + okehi(at) 
An odd one this - comics art cover and couple of images inside (the author admits in the intro to have drawn comics previously), but mostly short stories/anecdotes, in a quite literary style, parts of it hard to understand. The parts I did understand referred to menial jobs in bookstores mostly, and a couple of chapters about a kid he knew back in school who was rumoured to have a colostomy bag, and thus was a total outcast and object of disgust.
At the end of the zine it says these writings are from 2008-2009 which makes me wonder if Uzodinma's still making a zine.
This one would be recommended for the more literary-minded ziners out there.

Watch Him Bleed #1

 28 pages, half digest, $2.00, Ivana Stab, PO Box 466, Darlinghurst NSW 1300, AUSTRALIA + ivanaforpresident(at) 
Ivana Stab, 21, born in Former Yugoslavia, moved to Sydney age 9, studies politics at uni, doesn't eat meat, atheist, nails almost always painted, short hair, tall... Pretty cool intro page. Every ziner should do this. Or maybe it's just my obsession with lists.
Ivana makes a case for the power of women with the examples of Courtney Love, Nancy Spungen and Yoko Ono, since these women are hated by some for 'destroying' their men, or relationships with other men, or whatever the case.
Then she writes about a sleazy man on a late night train with her, pretending to ask her about the next station then suddenly putting his hand between her legs, and the revulsion she felt afterwards. Even worse, she saw him again.
She also writes about her last boyfriend and the problems they had. She cheated on him, he overdosed... I got the feeling it wasn't a match made in heaven.
Ivana also tackles the traditional boys-chase-girls-girls-don't-chase-boys 'rule'.
Loads of riot grrrl power attitude here. Pretty cool.

YouthQuake #1 : Issues With Food

20 pages, digest, $2.00, youthquakezine(at) 
The anonymous ziner (at the risk of making an ass out of u and me, I'll assume it's a 'she') has a terrific snappy writing style with buttloads of wicked humour and attitude. She's researched such food items as Hot Chips, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate (with the latter, her extensive testing and experimentation has come up with the ideal ratio: half chocolate and half peanut butter).
Another article reveals that food is better when it's not actually food (eg. Wizz Fizz), or when it's pink ("Have you ever eaten something PINK & felt a blinding rage to punch someone in the ovaries? Well, you're fucked. Pink makes me fart fairies.") or when it's melting.
A two-page spread proves that food is cuter in Japan (although, is there anybody out there who doesn't know that yet?) Photos courtesy of Amy Robertson of Waku Waku, another awesome zine I reviewed here. (But did I get her name wrong?! In my review I called her Amy Richardson!)
In 'The Waitress Whinge', the author skewers hospitality industry workers, describing them as "general wastes of life", however at the time of writing this she admits to having just quit after working 7 years in the same industry.
I loved 'The Strange Fruit Project' where Dragon Fruit, Custard Apple and Star Fruit are sampled and judged.
There's more really great stuff in here too, like 'Why I Don't Hate Fat People (Any More)' and 'Tales From My Drunken Stomach'.
This zine is so damn great I wanna write the words 'awesomeness squared times infinity!' a million times. In caps.

Blue Floral Gusset

16 pages, half digest, $1.00, spurzine(at) + Spurzine, PO Box 41, Flinders Lane VIC 8009, AUSTRALIA 
This zine has gotta be a contender for having the most fall-off-your-chair awesome opening line:
"My now ex-psychologist asked me a couple of years ago whether I taped my cock to my legs before getting dressed."
The anonymous ziner is a transvestite with no desire to take female hormones, nor get his sausage and meatballs chopped off.
He writes about an imminent trip to Darwin, and having checked out online photos of the hotel and local culture, wonders how he's gonna deal with the wearing hardly any clothes thing. He decides he's going to have to shave his legs.
This was fascinating reading for me, and even though I can't identify with the desire to wear female clothing, I can identify with parts of the zine, like where the author mentions "a few ugly encounters with thugs..." Where I grew up, you fit in, or looked 'normal' or you had trouble. When I got into punk and hardcore music in the '80s and started wearing vinyl pants, army disposal shirts and dog collars, I learned that to some thuggish fashion police, this was inappropriate attire and deserving of blunt and swift violence. One memorable evening my girlfriend and I were chased through the night by at least 20 rabid douchebags, alternately screaming "FAGGOT!' and 'LESBIAN!" In hindsight it's funny in a dumb idiotic way, but at the time it was terrifying.
The title of the zine comes from the author and his flatmates' weekly Doctor Who nights. He loves the beanbag, but beanbags don't go so great with skirts, so his flatmate will occasionally say, "John... I can see your gusset."
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Rabid Rabbits Raid The Earth!

16 pages (but 3 totally blank), digest, $4.00 (rip-off!), by Frank Candiloro, 
"A short comic created for submission into the "Space Oddities" feature in "Clint" magazine by Mark Millar." None of that means anything to me. Who cares? Maybe I should wish him luck with that. "Good luck, Frank! Hope you get that into Mark Millar's Clint magazine! Wink!"
Look at the cover. If that cover pops out your eyeballs with great anticipation of what lies within, well, there's a line between us that we can no longer ignore.