November 21st, 2010

Dudes Magazine #16 Fall 2010

88 pages, magazine size, $5.00, Dudes Magazine World Headquarters, 3872-A Connecticut Street, Saint Louis MO 63116, USA + dudesmagazine(at) + 
There's a whole bunch of dudes who write for this zine and they all have cool, dude-y names. The main dude (or editor) is called Nighthawk, then there's Lonewolf, Spider, Do What?, Dumbag Daryl, Mr. Rin Tin Tin, Huckleberry, Pancake Master, Big Al, and that's only half of 'em.
They got their own vocabulary too, like when something is rad or cool, they will call it "bitch". Also, a dude doesn't have a "car", he's got a "rigg". It's like a secret code, but an easy one to figure out because either they explain what it is, or you figure it out for yourself.
Anyway, there's a buttload of artys (that's what they call "articles") in here:
Kids in the Hall (Canadian TV show, 1988-1994);
The Pros and Cons of Shark Attack Week;
A Dude Discovers Jogging (this one totally had me in stitches... Dumbag Daryl realises if he wants to continue hitting the suds, he needs to do some exercise to balance things out. He could always cut down on the booze, but wonders what else he's gonna do with that time - "Reading? I can't really see that happening. You can only go to the can so many times a day");
Dudes Riggs Got Served (very funny true stories by several of the dudes about how they wrecked or damaged their cars);
There's loads more of these. Check 'em out.
Then there's some band interviews. The funniest one is the Shred Savage interview conducted by Nighthawk. Everybody's drunk, and at one point Nighthawk starts showing the band some of his records. One is by a band called Slow Death and has a song called 'the new hamburger from mcdonalds', but the lead singer of that band disappointed NH when he told him the song wasn't actually about McDonalds.

NH: "I think if you're gonna have a song called "the new hamburger from mcdonalds", it would be about a hamburger from McDonald's."
ARNIE: Is it really not about a hamburger from McDonald's?"
NH: "I'm drunk and I can't talk, so fuck you. It's my magazine, not yours."
ARNIE: "It's your magazine, fuck you."
NH: "What a world."
ARNIE: "Many worlds."

There's some sports writing in here, like about American football, and hockey, and those weren't very interesting to me, but on the other hand a piece called 'Stop Divin' On The Pitch, Bitch!' by Spider about soccer players faking getting illegally tackled or whatever it is was fuckin' hilarious. So this zine has way more hits than misses. It's totally bitch.