December 20th, 2010

Zombre #2 : The Magic Forest

52 pages, digest, $4.00, from Ansis A. Purins >>> siransalot(at)
What a pleasure it was to receive this absolutely charming comic!
Set in a national park, this one begins with Ranger Jones trying to get scatterbrained hippy underling Ranger Elvis out of bed and to work. Pretty soon a zombie appears, but he's not one of those scary Romero zombies. Right from the get go he seems like a likeable fellow, bumbling around the forest trying to figure things out.
Also visiting on this day is a father and daughter who arrive by motorcycle with sidecar, and a young couple - the man loudly revels in the grandeur of nature while the missus refuses to come out of the tent, seemingly only wanting to get back to the big smoke for a coffee.
The characters are all unique and fascinating to follow. The art is really great too, with nice use of zip-a-tone. A really neat touch are the tiny, appropriated images throughout, like flowers and birds, even an old hi-fi amplifier that has fallen out of a garbage bag the zombie finds. I also totally loved that the masked woodpecker on the little girl's t-shirt materialises in real life, landing on her helmet. Aw!
I had a big, goofball grin on my face the whole way through this. Really gotta get a copy of the first issue if it's still available.
Zombre is one of those rare comics that I'd have no hesitation in recommending for little folks as well as big folks. Get one! Get more than one!
[Note: The bird on the cover is actually ultra bright orange. Unfortunately my scanner refuses to acknowledge the existence of day-glo colours.]