January 27th, 2011

Blackguard #3 Reviewed In Razorcake #60!

"Yet another excellent zine from Australia. Blackguard is made by the same guy who makes the curious Grunted Warning zine I reviewed a few issues ago. Whereas I didn't really "get" Grunted Warning, I am happy to report that Blackguard is a straight-ahead comics zine with some uniformly awesome comic artists. The zine is thematic in nature and this issue is apparently the crime issue. In addition to all the rad comics and a few short stories, Blackguard has possibly the largest zine reviews section I have ever seen in a zine, as well as one of the nicest full-color covers I have ever seen on a publication of any size. Totally awesome and I don't even consider myself a comics fan." - Garrett Barnwell.

Thanks Garrett!

Razorcake #60

116 pages, magazine size, $4.00, Razorcake, PO Box 42129, Los Angeles CA 90042, USA + www.razorcake.org
I first  read about Razorcake in Snakepit, Ben Snakepit's diary comic. The arrival of a new issue of Razorcake was always a big deal for Ben, so I had to check it out for myself. It was cool to find out they did zine reviews so I sent a Blackguard along. Sometime later I received a copy of the latest Razorcake in the mail. I wondered about it, I knew I hadn't ordered a copy. But guess what? They send you the issue if a review of your zine is in it, and that's no small deal ok because this thing is CHUNKY. And international postage is a fucking killer. So, I thought these guys are pretty cool.

From the cover you would rightly guess that Razorcake is mainly a punk rock zine, and that's true, but there's also a bunch of other cool stuff, like columns and comic strips. Then there's a HUGE record reviews section, followed by a smaller zine and book reviews section.

Anyway, I haven't read this issue yet, that's gonna take some time because as I said, this is one chunky motherfucker. (But I'm really looking forward to reading the feature, How To Start Your Own DIY Record Label.) I mainly wanted to plug it immediately because if you haven't got at least one issue of this terrific zine, now's the time.