February 9th, 2011

Death Metal Crossword \m/

OK, this has nothing to do with comix or zines, but this is so fucking AWESOME I don't care.
I love doing the daily Quick Crossword in the Sydney Morning Herald. It's my weekday after-lunch ritual!
Last Friday's puzzle had one of the coolest clues I've seen since 'Blackguard' appeared back in June 2010.

14 Across - Macabre, profane music genre (5,5)


[Note: I almost never complete the Friday or Wednesday puzzles, the hardest motherfuckers of the week.]

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Yo! Burbalino #5

28 pages, digest size, by Greg Farrell, doctormobogo(at)gmail.com + www.yoburbalino.com
One of my favourite comics, this issue begins with a modern fairytale, 'The Squirrel and the Dead Man', in which three brother squirrels each leave home to make their way in the world. To send them off, the mother squirrel bakes a loaf of nutbread and offers them a small piece with her blessing, or a large piece with her curse. Of course, two of the brothers choose the large piece, "curses be damned!" as one says. And do you think these two greedy pigs will share their feast with the little birdies of the forest? And can they stay awake until sunrise watching over a dead body? How the hell is brother #3 gonna deal with these temptations and challenges, eh? You must find out! This strip is so damn great the comic would be worth getting if it was the only thing in it.
But! There's another of Greg's terrific rap-style strips ('9:27AM'), this one dealing with public transport rage.
Greg reprints a of strip from a past issue: 'Six Year Old Me Vs. Four Year Old Black Kid' (from Y!B#4) along with another page from that same issue, a doomy trippy illustrated rap, both highlights of that issue so it didn't bother me, although made me wonder why he chose to do so.
Anyway, this issue, like past issues, comes highly recommended.

[Note: I feel like such a slack piece 'o shit asshole though - Greg sent me this issue and Y!B#6 months ago but they got submerged in my quicksand-like pile, so I only re-discovered them recently while moving house. ... Greg! A thousand apologies! Y!B#6 will be reviewed next!]