March 1st, 2011

Envelope By Jim Hayes

I got something really cool in the mail today right out of the blue from Jim Hayes. Jason Rodgers passed one of my Grunted Warning zines along to him and he dug it enough to send not only this great envelope, but a bunch of collage art he made, one example of which you can inspect above. Thanks Jim! He's got a blog too which I'm gonna check out right away >>> ... Well, I just clicked on it and get a 'Content Warning'. A good sign! ... After clicking the button that means 'I know there's some twisted shit out there and not only can I take it, but I actively seek it out, so bring it, punk!' I'm seeing bondage photos, mail art, some of Jim's works-in-progress (which look fucking awesome), old cheesecake photos, and more great stuff no doubt. I'm definitely gonna have to link to this fine blog!
Man, there's nothing like a Good Mail Day to make a Tuesday feel like a Friday.

Yuck! #4

40 pages, digest size, Adults Only, +
Wow #4 already? Or is time just going faster than I think it is? Regardless, what we have here is a new issue of Mr Slime's comix anthology (although this issue seems to have been compiled by his brother, Dr Dirt - "the disturbed one"). No kiddies allowed on this ride, it's strictly Adults Only (get the munchkinheads a copy of Zombre instead) since you'll find depictions of both male and female genitalia within (the former belonging to a rabbit, and goddamn if it isn't completely out of proportion to the rest of his anatomy).
Some highlights for me this issue: Tom Motley's Jackpot Fantasy (really awesome comix art); Anton Emdin's feminist-riling "Degrees of Separation'; Ben Smith and Jase Harper's '10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die' (although I believe the girlfriend's little sister in the first panel was 'overdressed'); Craig Collins and Iain Laurie's 'Tourette's Banshee'; and Lark's excellent 'Why Can't I Grow A Fucking Hitler Moustache' (a perfectly valid question in this day and age of the annual 'Movember').
I was gonna note that this issue is a total 'sausage party' (something Sick Puppy was accused of back in the day, not unjustifiably of course) but there is one female contributor here: Scarlette Baccini. Where the hell are all the perverted comix chicks anyway? I know they're out there. You know, you don't have to use your real name. That's why they invented pseudonyms. For comix perverts.
But I digress (I always wanted to write that, and promise never to again).
To sum up: Yuck! is pretty damn cool. If you like comix, you should get it. Although, if you can only afford one Aussie comix anthology, I'd have to recommend Blackguard. But if you got a job and can spring for two, definitely get a copy of Yuck! as well.

Robots Are People Too #4

4 pages, magazine size, $1.00 or trade from Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM + kapreles(at)
[I'll be goddam motherfucking cornholed if I can find RAPT #2 and #3 which I definitely have here somewhere, but here's #4 hot offa the presses...]
This is the 'Archive Issue' in which Kapreles has boldly ventured into his rusty filing cabinet and returned with an historic selection of his drawings and writings. One of my favourites here is an old comic panel, the word balloon hi-jacked to reveal a cop admitting to a bowel movement of staggering proportions and his immediate need of forests of toilet paper.
There's naturally a whole bunch of his distinctive drawings with the big, fat mesmerising lines, and before you know it a text story, in fact a play, about Fuckman and Pornoman, the latter threatening to blow up all sexshops if Fuckman doesn't convince Charlize Theron to 'smoke his cigar' shall we say.
You might be thinking right now that this production is the work of some hunchbacked, comb-overed, drooling freak, but the back page reveals, among other things, a photograph of the author and artist - a handsome devil! Unless he's Photoshopped himself into such an enviable state, that is. What a paradox! Is that the word? It seems right.
Anyway, if you wanna get something cool in the mail, it's right here, and it's from Belgium.