May 16th, 2011

Romp #1

40 pages, digest size, $5.00, by Aaron Lange, 1524 N. Palethorp St., Philadelphia PA 19122, USA + aaronlange13[at] + 
Just when you think you know porno comix, along comes a porno comic to blow your mind and make you realise you don't know fuckin' shit.
I was completely unaware of Aaron Lange until Dexter Cockburn very kindly sent me the first two issues of Aaron's Romp comix. Romp #1 contains some of the most unique and twisted comix I've ever seen. Examples: brother and sister incest as a political message; two career girl pals, one with a complexion problem which the other solves with her (raspberry vodka-flavoured) urine; Adolf Hitler's pussy art; Pop Rocks used as sex aid; and recurring character Hesh's frustration at waking prematurely: "I can't believe I woke up during the best dream ever! Sex on top of a unicorn! Not even video games offer such delights!"
There's so much more in here and it's all great. Smutty, provocative, intelligent, witty, and all drawn in an awesome, retro style. Greatness.