May 25th, 2011

100 Letterboxes Of Newcastle

One enormous page that folds down to half digest size, by Trevor Dickinson >>> 
In May 2010, Trevor began to draw Newcastle's letterboxes: one letterbox for every number from 1 to 100. The project took a year to complete. Originally he published these after every 25 letterboxes, but this is a big fold-out (84cm x 30cm) collection of all 100 letterboxes. It's so damn wonderful and great I really can't figure out where to start. Just trying to imagine the days and weeks and months he spent walking around the streets checking out letterboxes, the story of that would be another zine in itself.
Trevor's made 100 of these and each one is signed and numbered. I spoke to him at the recent MCA Zine Fair to make sure he had copies left and he does, he's still got almost fifty left.