June 3rd, 2011

Cyberdelic Future #1

12 pages, digest size, free >>> cyberdelicfuture[at]gmail.com or etzinedistro.blogspot.com 
[Both Sticky and Monty sent me a copy of this, so thanks to you both!]
Along with the cut 'n' pasted pictures of kandi ravers, Care Bears, and My Little Ponys, are a couple of well-written pieces that not only capture the buzz of a big warehouse rave, but urge open-mindedness between [music] scenesters. The intro is cool:
'Ever since that moment in 1981 when DJ Frankie Bones collared two aggressive ravers and told them that they had better start showing some peace, love and unity or he'd break their fucking faces, P.L.U.R. has been one of the defining aspects of the rave scene.'
This is a pretty cool zine, and positive, so it would no doubt be inappropriate to post links to my glowstick salesman stories of 2002. I was pretty fucked up back then though.