July 13th, 2011

Hot Little Cut #1

ADULTS ONLY, 32 pages, digest size, $4.00, by Carrie Q. Contrary >>> carrieqcontrary.blogspot.com + thecomixcompany[at]gmail .com 
In the chick-authored comix / zine world, it seems way too rare to find subject matter dealing with unashamed sexual pleasure, joy, confessions, etc. since so much of the stuff I've seen comes across as shameful, hateful, militantly feminist in the ugliest way, and worst of all - boring and fucking yawn-inducing. Carrie's comic is just the opposite. In 'Attack of the Giant Libido', the protagonist can't satisfy her raging libido so recruits a small army of tiny dudes to pleasure her. It's hot, and reminds me of an illustration of a similar scene but with a guy and a dozen tiny naked girls. [I'll be damned if I can find it right now, fuckity-fuck it...]
The next story is of her earliest masturbation memories at age six - soap in the shower, a hose in summer, a bicycle wheel.
This is rare and courageous work, revealing 'taboo' sexual behaviours of a pre-teen.  

Robots Are People Too #7

8 pages, A4 size, free!, but send a trade or friendly letter to Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM ... or email for info >>> kapreles[at]gmail.com 
It's always a pleasure to receive a new issue of RAPT, this "Free newsletter edited by Kapreles in order to keep the spirit of global mail art alive". RAPT #7 features the usual gag cartoons, drawings, and manipulated images (the "I expect your files to be scanned at 300 dpi" - using art from Zack Snyder's 300 - is a highlight). Some cool new additions this time around, one of which is a section plugging other zines, Jason Rodgers's Psionic Plastic Joy and Media Junky, Hiroshima Yeah!, Decades of Confusion Feed The Insect, and my cut 'n' paste zine Grunted Warning. I hope Kapreles keeps this going in subsequent issues. There's also a couple of B-movie reviews - Kitty Killers [dir: Todd Reynolds, 2001] and Ravage [dir: Ronnie Sortor, 1997].
Kapreles is also calling for submissions: drawings, reviews, letters. Send him something! Step away from the machine and grab a pen, paper, envelope, stamps... Aw man, that sounds exhausting! *Blub!*