July 31st, 2011

Envelope By Jim Hayes - July 2011

It was a pleasure to receive this envelope from Jim Hayes a few days ago, containing a letter along with a bunch of cool and unusual inserts, including four digital manipulations he's made recently, one of these is pictured above. Thanks Jim!

P.S. Low action around here lately since I smashed the fuck out of my right hand two weekends back and it's still sore as hell, got a big egg in there. X-rays showed no broken bones so don't know what the hell it is. Blood clot? Writing, one of my favourite things to do (I mean hand-writing), has become extremely awkward and painful. It sucks. And forget about drawing my strip for Blackguard #4. Why do I always wait until the last minute? Not that I can afford to get the damn thing printed anyway. ... Enough misery guts for ya or you wanna hear some more? *Blub!*