August 1st, 2011

Envelope by Dexter Cockburn May 2011

    Man, I received this package from Dexter back in May and I only rediscovered it last night in my bag of goodies I scored at this year's MCA Zine Fair ... Totally cool and great envelope as ever, plus! included were copies of Monty Comix #4, Animal Antics #1, and Oh My! Comix #3. Reviews next!
Thanks Dexter!

Animal Antics #1

32 pages, digest size, $4.00 by Dexter Cockburn >>> 
Here's a collection of Dexter's strips from other comix he's made, including Goofy Funnies #2, #4 and #5 except for 'Juggs Bunny' which is previously unpublished. But this is a perfect excuse to assemble all his 'furry' comix, which means a bear (Bosco Bear, that is!) getting it on with (human) Ranger Betty, wolf (Wacky Wolf) with bunny (Juggs Bunny), Bosco Bear with Boopsy (a lamb) then Ranger Becky, then a skunk girl (unnamed). It's wild and relentless.
Man, furries would love this. I love this! and don't consider myself a furry... maybe I'm being converted? It's pretty hot anyway. Adults only for sure, it's explicit to the MAX. "It's all happening!" would be another way to put it. Heh heh. And Dexter's drawings are awesome, same with his panel layouts. Fucking cool and hot. (Does that defy the laws of physics?)

Monty Comix #4

16 pages, digest size, $6.00(?) by Kayla Escobedo >>> 
Holy shit not only is this another Kayla Escobedo comic (check out my reviews of her first three here if ya like), but this one is all in colour. First of all, her art makes my eyeballs pop out, which is inconvenient, but does say something about how awesome I find her comix art to be.
The main story this issue is 'lil whalegirl in "The Sleepover" in which she gets invited to a sleepover with her two girl friends. They watch some lame TV show called 'Gurlz Club', it's kinda boring - they believe they're as cool as the stupid Girlz Club, so whalegirl's friend suggests they watch this awesome channel. Flip the page and all kinds of bizarre sexual activities are on display, one involving a pony. Then it's time for bed. What happens next is hard to figure out. Nightmares? Then in the morning Whalegirl is extremely upset, calling for her Mamma and threatening to call 911. I didn't understand it, maybe it's personal.
Two short comix follow - beautiful, ugly, disturbing, wonderful. I must look and look. What does it all mean?
The wraparound cover is so cool too.