December 14th, 2011

Envelope And Card From Aaron Southgate

One example of a Good Mail Day is when you receive an envelope and Christmas card from your friend Aaron.
Thanks Aaron! It's gonna be damn near impossible to match this.
He also sent "this year's xmas movie" which, he notes, is known as either Mad Dog Time or Trigger Happy, and is very hard to find. I will probably watch it before December 25.

Dudes Magazine #18 - Fall 2011

76 pages, magazine size, $5.00 from Dudes Magazine World Headquarters, 3872-A Connecticut Street, Saint Louis MO 63116, USA + + dudesmagazine [at] 
This issue gets off to a funny start, right up front a letter is reprinted:

"Hey Nighthawk,
Dudes Magazine sucks and pretty much embodies everything I hate.
Here's your three dollars back.
[drawing of love heart],

What happened was Nighthawk sent away for a zine called Slice Harvester made by this Colin guy. I agree with Nighthawk, the guy comes across as a douchebag. It's not like Nighthawk asked for a trade and the guy said, Sorry dude, no trade because I don't like your zine. The guy got three bucks in the mail! So what if he doesn't like the dude-who-sent-the-dough's zine, just send your fuckin' zine with a letter saying, Thanks for the dough, here's a copy of my zine. I am indeed aware of your own zine and I think it's shit. Sorry but that's the way I feel. Is that not Zine Etiquette 101 fer Chrissakes?

Anyway, the (scientific) fact is that Dudes Magazine is very funny and very good. Editor Nighthawk, who writes the bulk of each issue, is a very funny guy. Just check out his pieces in this issue, 'Adventures With Treeman' and 'I Eat Quiktrip A Lot' for definitive proof. The only thing I don't agree with in this issue is Nighthawk's issues with Mel Gibson. Conspiracy Theory and Payback were dud flicks? Incorrect! Those were both excellent movies.

Dudes Magazine is chock full o' damn good reading. Zine Of The Month.