February 28th, 2012

Saucer Smear Vol 59 No 2

James W. Moseley, PO Box 1709, Key West FL 33041, USA
8.5" x 11"
8 pages

First of all, the news that Heidi Fleiss has opened two brothels in the vicinity of Area 51 in Nevada.
Then the usual items about UFO sightings, book reviews, letters of comment, all set out in a terrific old-school typewritten style, very readable, nice and easy conversational tone. A really great zine, and who doesn't have an interest in UFOs and aliens?
In a past review, I mentioned how long Saucer Smear has been going for, and that's a LONG time (the 'whole number' for this issue is 448), and now it's also the longest-running. James received this letter from Denis Plunkett of the British Flying Saucer Bureau:

"Regarding your letter, I am pleased to inform you that, as we no longer publish a magazine, you therefore have the deserved title of 'the oldest UFO publication in the world.'

Grunted Warning #14

I just found this terrific review that Jim Hayes wrote of Grunted Warning #14 (my cut'n'paste zine). It sure did make my day. I've had some really shitty ones lately. Thanks a million, Jim!

'Grunted Warning is a juxtaposition of straight news clips without any commentary. The starkness of the reports: girls groped, lethal refrigerators tossed from windows, ant attacks, fatal caffeine ingestions, a man choking on a bike pedal. A long discourse on beheading-who knew that 42 men were beheaded in Saudi Arabia last year? I didn’t know that. Did you know there’s a clown museum in Essen? Only in France would men don ski masks and toss tear grenades to hijack trucks carrying video games. The sparseness makes it all too real. Send a $2, stamps or a good letter. Grunted Warning is fucking educational with a capital E. “Statuettes of famous people defecating are a Christmas tradition in Catalonia.” Who knew? Some idiot gave it a negative review that started something like: “in old days of ‘zines, back in the nineties” which of course negates the provenance of ‘who put the bomp?’ and ‘crawdaddy’ and forest ackermann’s SF stuff. The old days of ‘zines back in the 90’s? The idea that Grunted Warning is ‘bad’ because it reminds someone of something from 20 years ago is ridiculous. 20 years ago was just like today only worse. Grunted Warning is shard from a mirror that slices our hands while reflecting the misery and debris of the society.'

grunted warning po box 35 marrickville nsw 2204 australia