May 15th, 2012

Envelope by Dexter Cockburn - April 2012

Another great envelope from Dexter Cockburn, somewhat belatedly posted here on account of all the Blackguard 4 preparations of late. Nevertheless! here it is! But who is Coogee Bear? Is he related to Humphrey B Bear? We have a Coogee Beach here in Sydney - maybe Coogee Bear was from there? ... This envelope contained four new Comix Company comix which will be reviewed here very soon! Thanks Dexter!

Envelope By Brent Moore - May 2012

Here's a really great envelope from Brent Moore that arrived today. A good mail day after a very shitty work day (boss told me that if she had to give me a reference for another job she would have to say that I required constant supervision. What a morale booster! Thanks boss! Manager of the Year!) ... Anyway, back to Brent's envelope, I like the false sense of peace implied by the postage stamp. However! This tropical locale harbours multitudes of inky black, menacing horrors! Yikes!

Clam Juice #1

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, digest size, by Carrie Q Contrary - 
The first strip here follows a young woman's busride. She manages to have fun without the aid of iPhones or iPads. Unheard of! (I think there's a Wii or two in there though.) Next up, 'Sexy Librarian' just loves to read. Yet, it's a strange kind of reading. Perhaps she has an eyeball in her vagina? Then a young man arrives and ask her where he can return his library books. She shows him, but if you ask me, it's an unusual place to put library books. The final story involves two schoolgirls ostensibly going to a schoolboy's house to study math. They shortly get rid of him and proceed to not study math, but rather one another's anatomical delights.
For 'hot 'n' sexy' comix, Clam Juice has got it going on.

Clam Juice #2

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, digest size, by Carrie Q Contrary & Dexter Cockburn - + 
This issue is a team-up between Carrie and Dexter. Carrie has one side, flip the book and Dexter's got the other half including the other cover.
Carrie's story, The Kitty Sisters, features Milly and Jilly waking up to a new day. They don't get outta the house, hell no, there's too much fun to be had together! And they sure seem to get along well!
Dexter presents another tale of The Adventure Club, actually The Mystery of the Haunted Sea Part Two (Part One appeared (I think) in Oh My! Comix #2) - this one is an extended sequence between Pop and Scooter lost at sea. Alas, Pop will never see his pet hamster again, but Scooter takes his mind away from such concerns. Ah, Scooter!