June 23rd, 2012

Dudes Magazine #19

88 pages, magazine size, $5.00, Editor-in-Chief: Nighthawk, Dudes Magazine World HQ, 6819 Minnesota Ave, Saint Louis MO 63111, USA + www.dudesmag.com + dudesmagazine [at] gmail.com 
Some great stuff in this issue. Of course list fans will enjoy 'Dudes Picks' where each contributor picks his or her favourite Jam, Flick and Vittles of the month (and there are 19 contributors this time). Rin Tin Tin recounts a story about how he learned of editor Nighthawk's unorthodox butt-wiping technique. Apparently he stands up, turns around and faces the crapper to achieve this. ... Pancake Master contributes a very funny rant about people who like to start sentences with "I'm not gonna lie, but..." When this happens, Pancake jumps in and says, "I didn't think you were gonna lie..." and points out that these idiots can be assumed to be otherwise lying unless they use this dumbass stipulation.
Half the Dudes seem to be in bands, or involved with the music business somehow. Nighthawk books bands around St Louis, and sometimes he goes on tour with friends' bands and works on the merch table. This would explain the big punk rock presence in DM. In this issue, you get interviews with Too Many Daves, Holy Mess, The Copyrights, and Andrew W.K.
There's a double page spread, 'Tony Pails & Pony Tails', with many pictures of dudes with pony tails. This becomes a new term in the Dudes Glossary: Tony Pail - any Dude with a pony tail.
Pancake Master reports on Star Trek : The Exhibition at the St. Louis Science Center, and his quest to watch all Trek series (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager).
Nighthawk contributes his third and final installment of the Treeman saga, 'Adventures With Treeman'.
J-Man reviewed my cut'n'paste zine Grunted Warning #14. Thanks J-Man! It reminds me I really gotta do another one of these, which I haven't done since GW#14 back in December 2011...
The 'Dudes Glossary' in this issue is one of the most extensive ever. Highlights:

Dudeicure - cutting your fingernails and/or toenails
Poobs - pubes that have poop on them, usually on the balls, resulting from wiping back to front.
Tony Pail - any Dude with a pony tail [... oh wait I've already covered that one, but it's hilarious enough that it doesn't matter... "Hey Tony, Nice Pony!"

Dudes Magazine is not for everybody that's for sure. And it sure as shit is not 'right on', but then again who wants to read a 'right on' zine anyway? I like DM so much that last week I went back and re-read all my back issues. Awesome bus reading, Dude.