July 3rd, 2012

The Zine Explorers' Notebook #3

10 pages, 11" x 8.5", $2.00/Trade/Stamps/Letter >>> Doug Harrison, PO Box 5291, Richmond VA 23220, USA 
This zine is stapled in the top left hand corner. Simple eh? Not so. Like Fred Woodworth's The Match!, Doug uses real actual old school print machinery to print his zine: "Our newsletter is printed on a slavaged Multilith offset press from 1957, and our type is composed using strike-on apparatus from the 1960s and 1970s; this issue, an IBM Executive typewriter and a Varityper. Headlines are by Varigraph. Someprinting is done by Multigraph letterpress." [Phew!] ... Real nice layout, clean and readable, terrific old illustrations - the kind you see in very old books (nobody can draw like that any more, aside from currency artists).

There's a bunch of zine reviews here (as every zine should have, naturally), the funniest being that of Truman Bentley Jr's Newsletters:

"This newsletter is extremely demanding to read due to its cramped, multi-directional layout. I have no idea what this writer is trying to say."

Doug's letter column has really taken off, it's really enjoyable to read. One of the more interesting/mysterious is this part of a letter from PJM: "...I hope you aren't trying to piss people off for the sake off pissing them off..."

TZEN3 winds up with some 'Selected News', including a worrying item about the possibility of US post offices closing and what might happen to boxholders.

The Zine Explorers' Notebook is something special in the zine world, in fact in the world itself, the whole world! Respect! Send for a copy today!