July 4th, 2012

Pubs Of The Inner West

20 pages, 8.5" x 6", Ordering info from Leigh Rigozzi >>> leigh[at]bloodandthunder.com.au + leighrigozzi.com 
This is a collection of Leigh's strips originally printed elsewhere, mainly Tharunka, the UNSW student magazine. It was assembled for the 2012 MCA Zine Fair back in May. Many of Sydney's legendary pubs appear within, including The Lansdowne, The Annandale, The Townie (The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown), The Judgement Bar... but it's the awkward, embarassing, heartbreaking and hilarious experiences Leigh had at these locations that anybody will relate to.
These stories seem to have taken place some years ago, shortly after Leigh moved from Tasmania to Sydney. He was 24. In the intro he writes:
"Readers are requested not to discuss this publication with me, or to read it in the same room as me. I feel awkward about this stuff. However, I welcome correspondence..."
So write! These comix are really great.