October 17th, 2012

Kapreles Artmailer #2

4 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", the usual, Y. Albrechts, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, Groenplaats, BELGIUM + kapreles[at]gmail.com + k8pr3l35.blogspot.com 
Here's Kapreles's latest 'newsletter', taking the place of his previous Robots Are People Too. Similar contents however - comics both original and appropriated, taking what appear to be '50s comic strips and inserting new dialogue, for example:
Woman: "Darling, what is the meaning of life?"
Man: "My manhood wriggling on your face like a fish on the dry. Your place or mine?"

I didn't find the dialogue funny, but moving the man's mouth up and replacing his nose with it was very funny! Good look.
There's also a couple of pages of zine, book, and low budget movies reviewed

Ci Vediamo

CiVediamo CiVediamo_guts 
32 pages, 6.5" x 5.5", $6.00 by Hazel Newlevant >>> newlevant.com 
This came with a very nice letter from Hazel asking me to review it. She kinda did my job for me since also in her note, it explains the title - "Ci Vediamo" is an Italian parting phrase meaning, "We'll see each other." And that the comic is a wordless story of love, loss, and moving on. It also won a Xeric Award! That's pretty cool. I'm really glad for Hazel. Unfortunately this isn't my kinda comic. I'm not a fan of wordless comics, and this one seems so slight. There's a girl, and a guy, they both look sad and thoughtful, then some autumnal trees, then dandelions... I should mention that throughout the comic are opaque pages also with drawings and when these are turned they do create some interesting effects. It's very cleverly done. It's a little gimmicky though. ... Ah, fuck it. This is probably really great, I'm just not sensitive enough to appreciate it. *Blub!*