March 13th, 2013

Doodlin' Funnies #2

Doodlin Funnies 2
ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, $4.00, digest, by Dexter Cockburn >>>
Wow, looky here! A behind-the-scenes peek into Dexter's wild comix art - ideas & characters both used and unused, or even on hold for use sometime in the future. Dexter provides notes and commentary which is really cool, rather than going the easy way and just slapping together a bunch of sketchbook material.
The highlight for me is Dexter's three-page anti-drug comic he produced for the local health unit. He was just out of high school when they approached him for a contribution. He finished it in the course of one coke-fueled evening. They were "horrified". Naturally, it was full of tits and cocks. But this rejection sent him into a depression.
Anyway, this is great stuff. The kind of thing you'd love to see from all your favourite comix artists.