April 19th, 2013

Planarian Liberation Army

PLA Summer 170413
One page folded twice, 5.5 x 4.25 inches, Crites, PO Box 21448, Long Beach CA 90801, USA
Some readers will remember Crites's excellent zine Paniscus Revue, a big chunk of freaked out awesomeness that was responsible for the displacement of many popping eyeballs. So it's kinda funny that he's come back with a one-sheet-folded-twice mini mini zine, but shit, with postage costs going through the goddam roof these days (do you ever get the feeling somebody wants us to stop using the mail and just text, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.?) it's a smart move to downsize print materials. Hell, I even did it with Grunted Warning. The difference, sending something from Australia to the US, if it's under 50 grams postage is $2.35, if it's between 50-250 grams it jumps to $6.45.
     Anyway, I'm blabbing ... each issue of PLA contains a bunch of words and images combined in such a way as to induce unorthodox, heightened brainwaves and possible flashbacks and/or flashforwards. Good stuff. Summer even liked 'em, and she's fussy.