July 23rd, 2013

Blackguard #4 [Fear] Review From Media Junky Issue 18 - Winter 2013

Jason Rodgers wrote a very nice review of Blackguard #4 in the latest issue of his excellent review zine Media Junky [review forthcoming]:


BlackGuard (Issue 4, $5, Stuart Stratu, PO Box 35, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia)
Our friend Professor Stratu continues his reign of terror with the newest issue of his comix anthology BlackGuard, which has the theme of fear. This issue is great, though probably not as tight and flawless as previous. For instance there is a little too much Dexter Cockburn, who is always hit or miss. SCAR presents probably the best comic in here, a tale of religious fanaticism and sadism. Stratu is a strong editor, who can combine the right amounts of different forms of comics. Experimental comics are nicely balanced with slapstick and a bit of potty humor. He is one of those rare individuals who is developed enough to have a dark as total blackness sense of humor without having negativity or misanthropy. So get the darkest corners of your psyche flushed out with Blackguard and laugh about your shit.

Note: Media Junky is available for $1.00, US stamps, or a nice letter:
Jason Rodgers
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