December 12th, 2014

The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #54 - Nov 2014

TLaToBR 56 Nov 2014

Here's the second hand-drawn issue of Billy's newsletter I've seen. These are my favourites. At least every second one should be hand-drawn. What's happening these days with everybody using computers to write, fewer and fewer people are writing and drawing by hand. Even older people who were big letter writers back in the day are losing this ability. Sucks. Now when people have to write something, their hand gets sore after two sentences. I say people should write and draw by hand more often. Every day, ideally.

Anyway, this time around Billy writes about things he is thankful for [since it was Thanksgiving in the US recently]; him and his missus are going to Hawaii soon; they watched some movies; don't worry about when the TV newsreader sadly announces that Black Friday sales are down 6.9% - "Don't be fooled into thinking it's a bad thing. IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU." Hear! Hear! *Boo Hoo!* Haw! ... Billy's reaction was this: "Well, my love for my family is up 15%, so who cares?!" Ha ha! Very good!