April 7th, 2015

Draw By Four #2 : The Craft

24 pages, 8.5" x 6", $6.00, Rachel Ang www.drawbyfour.com

Subtitled [sub-subtitled?] 'Short Stories About the Pleasure and Struggle of Making Things' these comics are hard to review - reading them I found myself one minute dismissing this stuff as the kind of high-brow, self-indulgent and humourless work I really don't like, and the next minute coming to the end of one wordless strip and being shocked at the implication of suicide; or in the strip about her character being chosen as the first artist-in-residence in space, the announcement of which was met with online disapproval, I liked how one commenter fumes "who is this bitch?" So, not humourless! Ha ha! ... But! It's also got one of my comics pet peeves - a 'to be continued' story [the aforementioned 'space artist' story]. Do these ever get finished? Does anybody who ever reads one chapter end up reading the whole thing? I really doubt it... maybe they do get finished, but nobody ever reads the whole thing. ... On the plus side, the printing is really nice, on nice paper with heavier card covers. And the art is fine and alluring. ... I was also gonna say something about the $6.00 price tag, but fuck it. What the hell is six bucks nowadays when a packet of smokes can be over twenty bucks? [Here in bloody Australia, anyway.]