November 8th, 2016

Betty Paginated #35 [Spring 2016]

*ADULTS ONLY* 20 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", email for price/trades >>> Dann Lennard, PO Box A1412, Sydney South NSW 1235, AUSTRALIA + danhelen [at] + blog: + podcasts:

Behold the man! I mean, Behold Dann! Or, more accurately, Behold the zine! Betty Paginated, produced by the man, Dann Lennard! A zine we're all very happy to receive a new issue of! Well, actually no, not all of us... I know at least one person who will not at all be celebrating the arrival of another issue of BP... But who cares about the haters? Not me!

In this issue: the UK's Rear of the Year, a "cheeky contest' inaugurated in 1976 with the magnificent buns of Barbara Windsor [the Carry On... films and Eastenders]; 'House of Horrors', a piece about "THE WORLD'S FIRST SERIAL KILLER" HH Holmes; a tribute to British porn model and actress, Mary Millington, who, as Dann notes, had been "... a huge star in the United Kingdom before her tragic death in 1979 at the age of 33."; a look at the films about - and inspired by - Hunter S. Thompson; some Sydney Film Festival reviews; and other bits, butts and pieces.

As everybody knows, I love reading my zines on the bus to and from work. BP is one of those that I sometimes think twice about when opening it to certian pages. Such is the deep complexity of the concept of the unclothed human body!