November 19th, 2016

Unbelievably Bad #16

68 pages, $9.00 Aust >>> Von Helle, 9 Ross Street, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, AUSTRALIA

Power + The Chosen Few ["They carried axehandles onstage in case anyone tried to fuck with them."] + Angie + 'Mad' Macka ["He's got a kind of simple demeanour that hints at head trauma, but he's no dummy. In fact, he's a bookworm with degrees in law and political science."] + Space Bong + Napalm Death [In the interview conducted by Rod Hunt, Mark 'Barney' Greenway does not actually say, "It is what it is..." - that must have been a transcription error!] + The Coloured Balls + Chris Barnes + Record Reviews for Masochists [Aborted Tortoise's self titled EP delivers "...a dense one-paced smack to the head"; Batpiss's 'Biomass' 12" will " your arms clean off"; and Babeez's 'Mainline Honey' 7" "...slashes your neck open"] + Clive Darril