August 2nd, 2017

Sprak! Vol 2 No 13 [May 2017]

Kami, PO Box 278, Edwardstown SA 5039, AUSTRALIA Price: $5.00pp in AUS $6.00pp World] -Trades? "Send money, dvds, zines, letters, blackmail"  ; Size: 8.25" x 5.75" Page count: 24

A new Sprak! already?! Something funny going on here... As Kami notes in the Outro, by some miracle he managed to get TWO issues out in the same year. How to explain? LUCKY NUMBER 13 \m/

Good bad movies reviewed in this issue >>> Thankskilling [2013 dir: Jordan Downey]; The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks I & II [2008 Dir: Man Kei Chin]; Double Feature From Hell - Hellinger/Holy Terror [1997/2002 Dir: Massimiliano Cerchi]; Hillbilly Horror Show Vol.1 [2017 Dir: Sharif Salama]; Eyes of the Woods [2009 Dir(s): Miguel F Valenti & Darrin Reed, Mark Villalobos]; Act of Vengeance [1974 Dir: Robert Kelljchian]; Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween [2015 Dir: David Campfield]; I Drink Your Blood [1971 Dir: David Durston]; Blood Slaughter Massacre [2013 Dir Manny Serrano]; Flesh For The Inferno [2015 Dir Richard Griffin]; Sex Wish [1976 Dir: Tim McCoy]; Devil Inside Her [1977 Dir: Zebedy Colt]; Smokey And The Hot Wire Gang [1979 Dir: Anthony Cardoza]; Pandemic [2008 Dir: Jason Connery]; Frontier(s) [2007 Dir: Xavier Gens].