August 22nd, 2017

Envelope of the Month - August 2017

What a Good Mail Day it was today!

When I flipped open my post office box an hour ago, not only did I find a copy of Bizarrism: The Revised and Expanded Edition Volume 2 [Headpress UK] by Chris Mikul with illustrations by Glenn Smith [review coming soon...], but this terrific envelope from Dexter and his The Comix Company!

Enclosed were copies of Hot Dork Love #1 by Carrie Q. Contrary; Oh My! Comix #4 by Aaron Lange & Dexter Cockburn; and Trim #5 by Aaron Lange [reviews coming soon!]

Thanks Dexter!

[PS I'm glad you like my diary comics! I was dealt a savage critical blow recently with a one star [out of five] verdict on my May 2017 issue! No review, just the one st*r! A mystery I have begun a process by which I hope to solve!]

Copy This! #41 - July 2107

D. Blake Werts [Editor/Compiler], bwerts [at] vnet [dot] net  Price: ? Trades? For minicomics, yes; Size: 5.5" x 4.25" Page count: 44

Huge Jim Siergey interview! Plus updates on what other minicomics creators are up to. Great stuff!

Siergey has a great story about when he was a little kid, he filled his Little Golden Books with a character he created called Mr Breeze, who had "a bulbous nose, googly eyes and a long thin mustache that extended beyond the circumference of his head". Mr Breeze rode on the backs of animals, stuck his head out of chimneys, and imitated the poses of the other characters.

[I'll add more to this once I've read the whole thing...]