February 9th, 2020

Reglar Wiglar #23 [2015]


Chris Auman, 44 pages, 22cm x 14cm, email reglarwiglar at gmail dot com for ordering info

The existence of this zine, and even my review here of it, perfectly illustrates 'zine time'. You see, 'zine time' doesn't work like normal time - it's MUCH s l o w e r. In fact it's more like 'geological time'. In his "Idiotorial", Chris Auman notes that this is only the second issue of Reglar Wiglar to be published in TEN YEARS. Similarly, I actually received this zine to review back in 2015, and now here we are in 2020 and it's time for me to present you with my review!

The feature here is 'Book of Jobs Part II'. We all LOVE reading about other people and their jobs - the shittier the better. This kind of material is one of the greatest things about Zines. Exhibit A being Dishwasher Pete and his legendary zine Dishwasher. Here Chris also writes about working as a dishwasher, as well as telemarketer, short order cook, and cinema ticket-ripper. Some of the funniest parts are anecdotes about co-workers, like the one guy who told Chris that he was so happy when he finished the workday that he ran home. A MYSTERY, however: Chris writes that while working at an Italian fast food place, he and his workmates ate "beef buddies" and mozz sticks. I know what mozz [mozzarella] sticks are, but what the hell are "beef buddies"?

Following the work tales is a 'Donald Trump Reviews' section and this was VERY interesting to me, especially since this zine is PT [Pre Trump]. Chris has Trump reviewing Justin Bieber and Iggy Azalea albums. These are well done! He really seems to get Trump's style, and amazingly there is no evidence of TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome]! In a ZINE!! [Of course, the TRUE test would be to examine the 2017-to-present issues...]