February 14th, 2020

Dithering Doodles #91 [June 2019]

16 pages, 22cm x 14cm, $2.00 or trade, Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S, SLC UT 84111, USA + premiumdeluxe at hotmail dot com

This isn't Steve's latest issue, not even close. You won't believe what issue number he's up to! Anyway, that's for a future review...

Steve had been MIA for a year or two, so it was a great surprise the other day to receive an envelope containing four of his fairly recent issues [60, 67, 91 and 93].

DD91 finds the Dith Dood in a VA hospital waiting room with his father, waiting to see the doc about his dad's cataracts. To pass the time, he examines a February 2017 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and begins doodling; modifying and mutating various bits and pieces from the magazine in his wonderfully warped way: behold! Dith Dood mushroom & cheese sourdough toasts, facial masks, doggie treats, anti-balding snake oil, and more.

There's also Dith Dood-ified versions of Dennis the Menace and Ziggy cartoons and 'Frankenstein-ed' Charlie Brown/Garfield/Dagwood pillows.

The back page reveals that this issue, begun at 6:30am 18 June 2019 at the aforementioned VA Hospital, was finished at 1:37am the following day [which makes it - although Steve doesn't put it this way - a 24-hour comic!]