April 19th, 2020

Twilight World #25 [August 2019]

Don Fields, 674 Riverfront Drive, Bullhead City AZ 86442, USA + e: oddlystupid at yahoo dot com + w: donosdump.com -  $3.00, or 'the usual'; 22 x 14cm, 20 pages

Don-o explains why it's been so long since the last issue of TW, and it makes for fascinating reading since it involves - in part - the untimely death of an old friend, who turned out to have been somewhat of a hoarder: "...firearms, military clothes, rare and expensive art books, art supplies, CDs, loose paperwork, his paintings and art pieces, electronics he barely used, model airplanes and military vehicles, costumes, photographs, VHS tapes, porn DVDs, laserdiscs, Anime collection, etc..." [We got a Collyer here! We got a Collyer here, captain!] ... [Hey! I've got that Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra CD - Ed.]

If one old friend dying wasn't enough, Don got a call - while he was helping sort through Old Friend #1's possessions - alerting him to the sad news of another old friend passing on up to Hoarder Heaven. Don relates the story of how he met Old Friend #2 - bumping into him at a furry APA party in the early '90s. [Am I reading this wrong or did both of these guys have "classified aerospace" jobs? I'm starting to wonder if Don-o himself isn't part of the classified aerospace industry!] Anyway, it seems these classified aerospace guys are into the 'furry fandom' scene in their downtime, because next we take a deep dive into the furtastic world of furry comics fandom, with Don zooming to the top of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization as Prezident!

Moving right along, however, I must mention the great two-page comic Don created in honour of Negativland and David Wills, in particular, following Wills on a typical day, in his quest for unfound sound.