June 27th, 2020

Ponder Park #5 [October 2019]

20 pages, 21 x 14cm, DB Pedlar & AS Cruz, 25727 Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge Springs PA 16403, USA

Pedlar and Cruz tackle ponderous ponderables sent in by their readers:

"What if you could touch but you couldn't feel?"

"Why did the expression 'by the skin of your teeth' come about?"

"What did Morihei Ueshiba mean when he said "All Lives Matter?""

"How important are newspapers in this digital age?"

In answer to another 'ponderable', "Why do we continue to seek knowledge throughout life, what good will it do us in our grave?", DB reveals his own "goal or plan", part of which includes dying "as an obscure writer/artist and a complete failure." Then he wonders "If my plan works and I die a complete failure, does that mean that my plan was a success and therefore I was successful and not a complete failure?"

Alas, like 99% of Planet Zine, it's only a matter of time before you come across a construction such as this one: "Without being held in check [by 'local news'] those old, wealthy White men can do as they please to [deep breath! -Ed.] Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, LGBT as well as many religious groups." Blame whitey!

[Having said that, DB has been one of the handful of courageous souls that have stood by me when so many cowardly shitbags blacklisted me, and I look forward to each new issue of his ponderific zine.]