November 1st, 2020

Zenyaku 4 - En Passant / Zwischenzug [June 2019]

32 pages, 26cm x 17cm, Shaun Craike [art] and Susan Torre [story], Visit the Facebook page for ordering info: ... Now that the series is complete, I believe that you can get the whole thing for a special price!

I regret that this review is somewhat late, since about a week ago Shaun sent me Zenyaku 5 - the final, concluding issue of this series. So this will be short and sweet [however I suggest you read my previous Zenyaku reviews - links below].

Here are more snappy one-liners ["No sudden moves there, Chump Norris!"]; more slicing and dicing [if this was in colour, there would be red splashes all over the place!]; more of Shaun's terrific art; and more unintentionally funny lines ["...killed for betraying the clan, and he is to take his father's place, whenever he likes it or not."]

Intrigued by this issue's subtitle, I learned that 'en passant' is a chess move involving a special pawn capture. So then I wasn't surprised to find out that 'Zwischenzug' is also a chess reference - an unexpected move played just before the expected move. Susan Torre must be a real chess enthusiast!