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You Don't Get There From Here #11

[36pages, micro-size (half digest), b&w, Carrie McNinch, PO Box 49403, Los Angeles CA 90049, USA ]
I got the new issue of Carrie's diary comic in the mail today. In an accompanying note she warned me about how bleak it was, and she was right. The black dog has been really nipping at her heels over this time period (15 Dec 2008 - 23 Mar 2009), not to mention the usual struggles with sweet, sweet liquor. Add into that a health crisis for Jesse, one of Carrie's cats, AND a crippling foot injury and bleak is the word. But somehow she keeps drawing and making it to another day, for which I am very glad because her comics are always a pleasure to read. Also definitely worth your time if you know about anxiety/depression, and how much fun that shit is.
Tags: carrie mcninch, reviews, you don't get there from here

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