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Typhon Volume One

Typhon Volume One edited by Danny Hellman 196 pages, full colour, magazine size, $24.95, Danny Hellman, PO Box 901 Old Chelsea Station, New York NY 10113-0901, USA
Danny Hellman has put together an anthology that makes all comics anthologies up to now seem like warm-ups. This is an *underground art object* of the highest quality which you will flip through then read in a state of almost unbearable ecstasy and bliss, eyes popping, serotonin flooding your brain like from a firehose. Every page glows, the colours almost blinding in the most wonderful way. Yes, I like this here comics anthology. It’s pretty good! Anyway, Mr. Hellman has assembled a fine gang of contributors, most of whom I’d never heard of since I was out of the comix scene for five long years (Bald Eagles? Who dat? What a great name!). One of my favourites here is by one such unknown, Hawk Krall, with his terrific strip ‘Summer of Seven Eleven’ . There’s also a ‘Virgil’ strip by Hugo! More names that may ring a bell: David Paleo, Mark Campos, Pat Moriarty, Henriette Valium, Hans Rickheit, and of course Danny Hellman. Along with about thirty others!

Well sir, this book kicks so much arse I don’t know what else to say. It’s twenty-five bucks, sure, but what else are you gonna spend that dough on? Here in Sydney you can’t even get three packets of cigarettes for twenty-five bucks! And a 30-pack carton of Victoria Bitter cans is fifty goddam bucks when it’s not on special!

Summary: Recommended, like not holding your breath for fifteen minutes is recommended.

Mr. Hellman, I have just put you up there on that pedestal with my other hero, Neil Hamburger.

Tags: comics anthologies, danny hellman, reviews, typhon

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