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Blackguard #2 Imminent!

Blackguard #2 is so close to being finished. How close? Well, you know those five-blade razors? That close. Here's the cover, or a preview of it anyway. The contributor names will be expanded. I'm just finishing up reviewing the gigantic pile of comix and zines I received, and waiting for one contributor to get his strip to me. If he stops promising and delivers the goods I will get down on my knees and swear before the gods of Olympus to be a better human being, even if that entails opening my door on Sunday mornings when neatly dressed and disturbingly fresh-faced visitors knock on my door early on Sunday mornings.

Just for fun, here is the contributor list for Blackguard #2, which will be available next month (September) or I will chop my own loser head off:

Michael Aushenker
Neale Blanden
Dexter Cockburn
Julie Doye
Anton Emdin
Ben Hutchings
Doug Iannucci
Chris Mikul
David Puckeridge
Henry L. Racicot
D. Rat
Josh Simmons
Glenn Smith
Ryan Vella

...And maybe more - the final deadline for *Father* strips is 27 August 2009 (two weeks from now).

[Mega thanks to Brother Mikel for cover title design.]
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