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Blackguard #2: Father Issue - Printer Says "Ready This Week!"

Well, it's coming up on about a year since Blackguard #1 came out - maybe that's the best I can hope for these days: a new issue once a year.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went over to Brother Mikel's place and he helped me get Blackguard #2 all ready to go off to Printmaster Theo (who did such an awesome job on #1), he fixed the page sizes and the cover too, which I'll post here. (I know you've already seen the cover half a million times. Can you spot the difference?) Theo says he will deliver me 250 Blackguard #2s THIS WEEK. I'm keeping my fingers (and all kinds of other body parts) crossed that happens. You can bet that I will post the Good News here that same night! So then the process of mailing out contributor copies begins. I don't mind that part at all. I love it! I really do. The whole thing. Writing the notes, putting it in the comic, writing the address, sticking on the postage stamps, walking to the mailbox and dropping 'em in. Ding dong. I love it all.

In other news, the This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle is coming up in early October which means the big Newcastle Zine Fair on Sunday 4 October 2009 where I will be selling Blackguards #1 and 2, Chris Mikul will be selling Bizarrisms (and maybe or maybe not his new book The Cult Files which I am reading at last and which I will plug here soon - you will require a copy), Ross Radiation, Glenn Smith, Ben Hutchings, and many others will be selling their fine papery wares. It's gonna be AWESOME, honcho. Well, it will be if it was anything like last year. If you or a loved one has a comix or zine for sale then let it be known that tables can be reserved by emailing Susy Pow at
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