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Legal Deposit - Blackguard #2

Today I'm sending off copies of Blackguard #2 to The National Library of Australia and The State Library of New South Wales. This is for Legal Deposit, which I wrote about here back in January, and even got some comments from Legal Deposit *insiders* (Big shout out to Wan and Kay!).

Well, today I read some more about Legal Deposit around the world, and realised how lucky we are not to live in Poland, where you must send 19 copies of your publication out to different libraries! Check out the Wikipedia page here to find out about Legal Deposit in your own country. Also interesting to read was that for US publishers, the Library of Congress "does not retain all works." What does that mean? Do they have some kind of policy on what they deem worthy of retaining? If anybody knows, please comment.
Tags: blackguard #2, legal deposit

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